$BRICKZ is the utility & governance token of the ADAHEADZ ecosystem.

The total $BRICKZ supply will be capped at 10,000,000 (Ten billion). The allocation of the tokens will be as follows:

Airdrop (15%)

15% will be airdropped to ADAHEADZ holders through a series of drops. The amount of $BRICKZ is proportional to the rarity of your ADAHEADZ Rarity (Meta). Specials count as a Rare Series 1. We will let you know when $BRICKZ token airdrops are taking place.

Staking Rewards (25%)

$BRICKZ Tokens can be earned by staking with the ADAHEADZ Cardano Stake Pool [HEADZ].

DAO Treasury & Liquidity Pool (30%)

DAO Treasury (20%)
Will be deposited in the DAO treasury, to be used according to formal votes held by the DAO.

Liquidity Pool (10%)
10% will be use to provide liquidity for the $BRICKZ Token. The earnings will go to the DAO Treasury.

Team & Operational Fund (15%)

10% will be used for various operational activities such as expenses, maintenance, and other disbursements. Funds will be make available on a monthly basis.
5% will go to the Team. (locked until January 2023)

Ecosystem Fund (15%)

These funds will be used to promote ADAHEADZ and to organize community building events, such as competitions and giveaways.